Miss World USVI 2019 


A'yana Phillips 

Reigning Through a Pandemic 

Queen A'yana stunned the world before the year we will never forget. 

A'yana was born on the famous island of St. Thomas. Yearly, visitors flock to our shores to experience America's paradise and A'yana brought paradise to London in the 2019 Miss World International Competition.


Queendom, is extremely familiar to A'yana as a past Miss Universe contestant representing our neighbors the British Virgin Islands. A'yana's purpose is to influence the youth through music. This comes as no surprise, as our Queen, is also know as DJ Lady Mix.


While competing in Miss World, out of many contestants, A'yana placed top 25 in the Talent competition and is said to have wowed the judges and contestants alike with her skills. 

A female DJ, in a male dominated industry. Our Queen believes our children have a chance to succeed when given positive outlets and grounded support from the community. 

A'yana is the first Queen under the Miss World USVI franchise owned by Eminent Pageantry LLC.